Rose Bowl Still Number One

Pac 12 Football Teams Rose Bowl

If you spend a lot of time cruising the Internet and absorbing all information therein as absolute gospel, than you believe the following:

(1) The world will end in December of 2012 when the polar poles reverse and we all are launched into outer space. We know this because someone found a calendar that says so made by the Mayans some 1300 years ago.

(2) Big city sewer systems are populated by giant alligators who were flushed down when they were young. Fortunately, most of them dwell beneath the streets of New York, just another reason while they call it Fun City.

(3) Famous children’s television star Mr. Rodgers was in fact a Navy seal/sniper who wore cardigan sweaters to cover up the tattoos that commemorated his numerous kills.

(4) The Rose Bowl has been rendered irrelevant by the new college football playoff system and will lose its luster as a premiere game.

If you believe (1), you are dismissed from this conversation. After all, it’s irrelevant.

If you buy (2) and (3), your imagination exceeds your good sense.

Which brings us to (4).

There are more than a few bloggers, pundits and self-styled experts who have decided that the new college football championship arrangement will reduce the Rose Bowl to a shadow of its former self.  Continue Reading Pac 12 Football

UCLA : 5-Star Auburn Commit Carl Lawson Wants To Visit … UCLA Bruins at Arizona State Football. Stadium – Tempe. Saturday Nov 3 3:30 am. Arizona Wildcats at UCLA Bruins Football. Rose BowlPasadena. Saturday Nov 10 1:00 pm

UCLA Football’s Spaulding Field Receives Some Upgrades Rose BowlPasadena. Saturday Sep 29 1:00 pm. UCLA Bruins at Colorado Buffaloes Football. Folsom Field – Boulder. Saturday Oct 6 3:30 am. UCLA Bruins at California Golden Bears Football. Memorial Stadium (Cal) – Berkeley. Saturday Oct 13 3:30 am

Even Yahoo! Calls U$C “The Trogans” Rose BowlPasadena. Saturday Oct 27 3:30 am. UCLA Bruins at Arizona State Sun Devils Football. – Tempe. Saturday Nov 3 3:30 am. Arizona Wildcats at UCLA Bruins Football. Rose BowlPasadena.


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